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A Feedback Avatar could be your next assistant

digital humans by Feedback Avatars -3-2.

WATCH a digital human assistant IN ACTION

Video 2


Miri handles routine outreach duties and sends action items. 


Your humans focus on 1:1 follow through sales and fixes.

  • Smaller relationships and not account managed

  • Supplier partnerships

  • Cultural alignment


Miri follows experiences and sends alerts.

Your humans focus on service recovery and improvement.


  • Claims and resolutions

  • Regular customer service journeys

  • On-boarding


Miri touches base regularly with the same individuals in a target segment/person and reports back their stories of change.


Your humans focus on brand, experience and strategy to respond to the stories, using the wisdom from stories as well as the numbers.


  • Persona journeys

  • Brand relationship stories

  • Individual focus groups

Artificial Intelligence (AI) channels for customer service have never been so critical

  • Digital human assistants, built using AI technology, offer customers instant, on-demand service. They provide automated support, deliver a conversational experience, and can handle the same intents as human agents.

  • Thirty-one percent of CIOs have already deployed or are in short-term planning to deploy conversational platforms, up from 21% last year.*
    *Source: Gartner Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants

how does the roi STACK UP?


scaled services
& revenue

Digital human assistants work 24/7 and can easily scale to meet increased demand. They're always there when your customers need them.



Digital human assistants charge only when they are working.  No downtime.  Total productivity.


optimize processes

Utilize automation throughout the value chain to improve processes and deploy human resources where they are most needed


improved user experience

Much more human than surveys.  More open, more personal and non-judgemental.  Builds trust, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, share of wallet and retention.

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