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Can digital humans really create an emotional connection?

Finding 6

We believe that a digital human can create an emotional connection with a person. When a digital human is orchestrated with knowledge supporting a rich conversation, assisted with nuanced facial expressions and in a controlled environment (like a private Zoom call), the person can feel alignment and a form of emotional intimacy. With sufficient coding, a digital human can also provide entertainment, intellectual qualities, and a complex conversational repartee.

A digital human used in a controlled feedback session, questioning, probing deeper and comparing what it knows from previous responses from the user, creates a space for the user to open up and share in a deeper way, compared to standard feedback mechanisms.  In fact many people like the fact they can open up without the judgement they feel with human interviewers.

Here’s one article on the topic and another here.

Some of your thoughts:

  • It is novel in its approach; however, I am skeptical about the richness of the data gathered and how long it will have penetration/engagement.

  • Part of the reason that people give feedback is so they can be 'heard'. I am not sure how an avatar helps achieve this from a psychological POV.

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