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Using digital humans for relationship management = 2.8/5

Finding 4

Quite a few questions were raised about using digital humans for relationship management.  This says to us that it is a more expeditionary use case, even in the minds of the most innovative marketers.

The feeling we got from the feedback was that the big issue was about how replacing human contact with digital humans would be detrimental.

It seems to us that the immediate opportunity is to enable outreach to relationships that don’t get any contact.  Most organisations have a long tail of many small customers, with whom they struggle to maintain regular proactive contact.  

In our early work on this, we’ve found an appropriate script does wonders to make sure the wrong message isn’t sent, for example ‘the humans in my team have asked me to reach out to see if there’s anything they need to work on’ or ‘OK, I’ll report this back straight away and get the humans back at HQ onto it’.  
There’s also the question of where highly skilled (and expensive) humans actually make the biggest impact across the various relationship management processes. It’s pretty clear that humans are best deployed doing what they do well- fixing complex problems, negotiating and selling and collaborating.  Where there’s a limited human resource, recruiting digital humans to do the less demanding and routine tasks makes economic sense.  Customers will probably embrace this if they get humans doing the important stuff with them.

Some of your thoughts:

  • I'm not sure that it sends a good message to any relationships that you're so valuable to us that we're not going to spend any time on talking to you - we'll use an avatar...  

  • For relationship management there are far more efficient effective channels, and multiples of them. 

  • Relationship management is often a way for Sales People to build rapport and trust and then up-sell products and solutions, this would remove some of that 1:1 relationship. Also you would want to capture the customers responses so this would have to be transcribed for sales team to access. I think it could work in some industries for specific use-cases, but not all.

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