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Using digital humans for gathering feedback = 4.1/5

Overall, you gave strong support for the use of digital humans for feedback.  Early testing of a digital human conducting a survey shows significant lifts across key metrics.

First, respondents were more likely to initiate the survey when they were aware a digital human would be conducting the interview with them. Second, the content that respondents elicited throughout the survey was longer, significantly richer and more nuanced when compare to traditional internet form surveys. And finally, the number of respondents completing the survey is significantly higher when a digital human is conducting the survey.

All the indications are that response rates and quality of response is boosted even more for certain groups like the young, tech savvy or mobile.  One millennial recently looked right past the cutting-edge nature of the feedback avatar tech and simply said ‘this is a no-brainer.  I can’t believe someone hasn’t done this already!’.

Not much academic work has been done on the topic, but this article says that digital humans will increase response from some participants and improve engagement.

Some of your thoughts:

  • I think more surveys would be answered. People often think, oh I'll get back to the feedback e-mail and often don't unless they have had a bad experience. This brings a sense of real-time to it. Also if people are on the move, they don't need to worry about typing, they can just say their responses.

  • It’s a very cool concept I can see its use for different markets segments. 

  • Perhaps a bit harder than surveys as its less predictable. There would have to be specific cases where a digital human is used.

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