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Thanks for being part of the conversation with other marketing innovators on using digital humans for outbound.  We’ve been hearing positive things about the report we wrote, based on everyone’s feedback.

There’s been such good interaction on the topic that we’re offering five digital human pilots for marketing innovators in our community, to ask for feedback on a topic of your choice.  


This gives you an unparalleled low-cost opportunity to try out digital humans for outbound.

Feedback Avatars – digital human.jpg

Pilot details:

  • Up to 100 people can have the experience of talking to a digital human

  • Trial uses a longitudinal conversational logic, where the digital human remembers and builds into the conversation what the participant scored last time

  • Plenty of room to customise the script to meet your needs, within the logic

  • $500 total price, including customising; setting up and running the trial

Ideas for how you could use the pilot:

  • Key customers who want to see innovation from you

  • Employees on a topic of current relevance (e.g. the work from home experience)

  • Important partners (like agents; suppliers; distributors; franchisees) who you’d like feedback from. We could even use a unique two-way approach which involves both partners and your people who deal with them

  • The various people you deal with in a key strategic account.


Thanks for registering for a Digital Human Pilot. We'll be in touch soon.

Register your interest in pilot

To join the conversation, please follow us on LinkedIn or get in touch.

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